EU FP7-ICT, 600918, official details

PaCMan Leaflet

The Challenge

Imagine a robot that must load a dishwasher with cookware and crockery. Some of the objects are familiar to the robot and some of them are new and unfamiliar. For example, consider that the robot has previously handled mugs, but has not previously handled a new object, but the new object has a handle (like a mug) so some aspects of the new object are familiar.

The PaCMan robots tackled the following tasks:

1. grasping from a cluttered work surface

2. carrying out grasps on unfamilar objects

3. passing an object from one hand to another (in a 2 armed robot set up)

4. multi fingered grasps of novel objects

5. the placement of objects in a dishwasher in a stable manner


A short summary of the project's achievements is available.
The final project report is also available.