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9 April 2016 TedxRoma Game Changers

Watch Jeremy Wyatt speaking about "The Three Waves of Robotics" at this year's Tedx conference in Rome. Leaders in the field discussed Game Changers and their impact. The sold out event investigated how and when to make your move and become a Game Changer.

11-12 February 2016, UK Manipulation Workshop

The University of Birmingham will host a workshop on object manipulation. The event will allow academics, students and industrial stakeholders to meet and discuss research and the challenges it seeks to resolve. The aim of the event will be to build new collaborations and communities between researchers and industries. Email: for further details or register via eventbrite

1 February 2016, Logistics Workshop

The University of Birmingham will host a workshop on Robotics & Autonomous Systems in Logistics enabling various stakeholders to understand the challenges and opportunities involved. Places are limited so please email with "Logistics Workshop" in the subject line to register or register on eventbrite

11-18 December 2015, ICCV

Several members of the PaCMan team are travelling to Santiago, Chile for the International Conference on Computer Vision.

17 December 2015,1st International Workshop on 6D Object Pose

Ales Leonardis has co-organised the first international workshop on 6D pose, entitled "Recovering 6D Object Pose", in conjunction with the ICCV. The full-day workshop will include several challenges, discussions and poster presentations, including Justus Piater's talk on "Distributions of Diverse Features for Single- and Multiple-View Robot Vision". Prizes will be awarded for best poster and best performance in challenges.

14 December 2015, ICCV

Ales Leonardis and Rusen Aktas will be presenting a paper on "Compositional Hierarchical Representation of Shape Manifolds for Classification of Non-Manifold Shapes", which was written with Jeremy Wyatt and Mete Ozay.

12 December 2015, Visual Object Tracking Challenge Workshop

The Visual Object Tracking Challenge Workshop, co-organised by Ales Leonardis, will take place during the afternoon at the ICCV conference. This year's winners will give a presentation, which will be followed by a series of talks, posters and demonstrations.

9 December 2015, BMVA Workshop

Jeremy Wyatt will speak at the BMVA Workshop on Visual, tactile and force sensing for robot manipulation in London. His keynote speech will discuss "steps towards manipulation".

20 November 2015, Visit to FlyBy

Members of the PaCMan team in Pisa spent the day visiting FlyBy s.r.l, a company that works with UAV technologies, satellite image analysis and defense. The team presented PaCMan's latest research aiming to transfer technological advances to the industry.

20-21 October 2015, Robotics Innovation Show

Claudio Zito accompanied Boris to the Robotics Innovation Show, in London, where they showed off the robot's ability to grasp previously unseen objects by gathering new visual information. The show was a great success with over 3000 visitors, 80 industries and 100 exhibition stands.

16 October 2015, Kuka Innovation Award 2016

The PaCMan team from Pisa submitted an application for the Kuka Innovation Award 2016. Unfortunately they did not make it to the finals, which will be judged at at the international trade show HANNOVER MESSE in April 2016.

4-9 October 2015, Dagstuhl Seminar

Justus Piater co-organised Dagsthul Seminar 15411 on Multimodal Manipulation Under Uncertainty. Marek Kopicki Ales Leonardis and Jeremy Wyatt participated in the event sharing PaCMan's latest research on object manipulation.

28 September-2 October 2015, IROS 2015

The PaCMan team from Pisa traveled to Hamburg for IROS's "Gateway to the Era of Robots" conference. They joined other researchers from around the world as well as industrial representatives in the exhibition where they used their stand to demonstrate PaCMan's research on object manipulation. Their paper entitled "Grasp Planning with Soft Hands using Bounding Box Object Decomposition" is awaiting publication in IEEE.

28 September 2015, IROS 2015

Justus Piater spoke at the IROS 2015 conference on Learning Object Affordances: A fundamental step to allow prediction, planning and tool use in autonomous robots. He presented his paper, Learning Object Affordances: A fundamental step to allow prediction, planning and tool use in autonomous robots, which can be found in publications.

25 September 2015, European Researchers' Night: exploring science, having fun

PaCMan researchers in Pisa joined the European Researchers' Night for its 10th anniversary. Researchers, industries and members of the public were involved in scientific activities which aimed to showcase how fun science can be.

15 September 2015, BBC Breakfast: Intelligent Machines Week Intelligent Robotics Lab

Jeremy Wyatt was interviewed on BBC 1, BBC Breakfast Programme talking about AI with Murray Shanahan of Imperial College London. The interview was part of the BBC's feature Intelligent Machines Week.

28 July-4 August 2015, Computational Vision Summer School

Safoura Rezapour Lakani presented her work on 3D compositional part segmentation through grasping at the Computational Vision Summer School held in Freudenstaft, Germany. For a full copy of the paper she presented please see publications.

21 July 2015, Robotics Research Jam Session

The University of Pisa held a "jam session" allowing staff and students to share their research with guest speakers. The informal brainstorming workshop has been running since 2011 and continues to attract enthusiastic researchers from across the world.

16 July 2015, RSS 2015 Workshop on Whole-body and Manipulation Control

Marco Gabiccini co-organised the RSS 2015 workshop entitled "Towards a Unifying Framework for Whole-body and Manipulation Control", experts in manipulation and whole-body control were invited to discuss the similarities and differences in their respective fields. Co-organiser Francesco Nori tweeted that the workshop was "a success for participants".

16 July 2015, RSS 2015 Workshop on Learning Reusable Concepts

Justus Piater co-organised the RSS 2015 workshop entitled Learning Reusable Concepts in Robotics. The informal workshop encouraged discussion among participants and speakers, allowing everyone to profit from their experiences and diversity of opinion.

3-5 June 2015, CRV 2015

Congratulations to Safoura Rezapour Lakani, Mirela Popa, Antonio Rodríguez-Sánchez and Justus Piater whose paper, CPS: 3D Compositional Part Segmentation through Grasping, won the Best Robotic Vision Paper Award at the 12th Conference on Computer and Robot Vision in Canada. To download the paper please go to publications.

30 May 2015, Workshop on Robotic Hands, Grasping and Manipulation

Justus Piater was invited to speak at the ICRA 2015 Workshop on Robotic Hands, Grasping and Manipulation. He travelled to Seattle to give a session entitled "Robot vision in times of flight: RGB-D = red-green-blue is dead?"

April 2015, Think Business with Birmingham Issue 9: Robots grasp technology Intelligent Robotics Lab

PaCMan Project was featured in an article: Robots grasp technology in University of Birmingham's Think Business with Birmingham magazine Issue 9. Here's the full article:

March 2015, Online meeting with ROS-industrial and Kuka representatives Centro Piaggio Laboratories

On Thursday 5 March, Pisa had an online meeting the ROS-industrial, Kuka representatives and other interested research institutes regarding open-source developments around the KUKA LWR 4+ and IIWA arms.

The meeting came about due to the latest platform developed at UNIPI concerning the robot Vito, and reported in MS42 recently.

For more information Meeting slides

February 2015, SHREC2015 - Retrieval of Objects from Highly Cluttered Scene Captured with Depth-Sensing Camera Intelligent Robotics Lab

Birmingham's PaCMan Team are competing in the SHREC 2015 Contest. The objective of Birmingham's track is to propose new shape retrieval scenario, which will help to develop algorithms capable of performing real world tasks.

To read more about the SHREC 2015 competition

To read more abouth Birmingham's track

27 November 2014, Professor Jeremy Wyatt's Inaugural Lecture, University of Birmingham - Robot Life: A User's Manual Intelligent Robotics Lab

Abstract: Robotics is reaching a tipping point. The intelligence and robustness of robots increased hugely in the past fifteen years. This has allowed them to leave the lab and carefully controlled environments like the factory floor and enter our world. In this public lecture, aimed at the non-specialist, Jeremy Wyatt explained the achievements of intelligent robotics to date and also highlighted some of the challenges Roboticists must meet to bring robots into our everyday lives. Jeremy Wyatt highlighted some of the work carried out at Birmingham over the past decade, particularly breakthroughs in robot planning, robot learning and robot manipulation.

Over 250 people attended the lecture which included members of the general public, friends and family and past and present members from University of Birmingham's Intelligent Robotics Lab.

24 - 25 October 2014, Marek Kopicki received First Prize for his talk at the Science Polish Perspectives Intelligent Robotics Lab

Marek Kopicki from the University of Birmingham was awarded First Prize for his talk on Robotic Manipulation and Grasping of Objects at the Science Polish Perspectives Conference in Oxford on 24 - 25 October 2014.

If you would like to read more here's the link

14 - 18 September 2014, IROS 2014 Conference in Chicago, US Centro Piaggio Laboratories

Antonio Bicchi gave a keynote speach on Natural Machine Motion and Embodied Intelligence at the IROS 2014 Conference.

10 - 11 September 2014, Birmingham's Boris on the BBC and ITV News Programmes Intelligent Robotics Lab

Birmingham's Pacman Robot Boris was featured on BBC Midlands Today programme at 6.30pm on 10 September 2014 and was also featured on ITV Lunchtime News at 6.30pm on 11 September 2014. The news clips included interviews with Prof Jeremy Wyatt and demos of Boris picking up and putting down household objects.

8 - 10 September 2014, 2014 SIDRA Annual Conference of the Italian Society of Automation Centro Piaggio Laboratories

Antonio Bicchi gave a talk at the 2014 SIDRA Annual Conference of the Italian Society of Automation.

24 August 2014, KTH Royal Institute of Technology Centro Piaggio Laboratories

Antonio Bicchi gave an invited talk at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

25 July 2014. Science Festival in Massa Carrara, Italy. Centro Piaggio Laboratories

Centro Piaggio ran robot demonstrations and presentations with the Pisa-iit Softhand at the Science Festival.

14 July 2014, Workshop: Robotics Research Jam Session 2014 - Of Robots and Men, Centro Piaggio, Pisa University, Pisa, Italy, Centro Piaggio Laboratories

Centro Piaggio organised a Robotics Workshop which featured talk on robotic manipulation, grasping, gripping, haptic search amongst many other topics of discussion. To read further about the event

12 July 2014, RSS, UC Berkeley, US Intelligent and Interactive Systems Lab

Justus Piater gave a talk which was paired with Michael Arbib at the RSS Workshop on "Human versus Robot Grasping and Manipulation - How can we close the gap?".

Michael covered the human perspective on perception in grasping and Justus covered the robot perspective.

The talk covered perception as a combination of structure (geometry, pose, kinematics, functional relations, etc) and association (learned recall of object or scene properties, expectations of what is going to happen etc. from appearance; and prediction of visual percepts from object or scene properties based on experience).

For more information

19 - 20 June 2014, Manufacturing - at the Heart of the Nation, Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry Intelligent Robotics Lab

MTC event picture

University of Birmingham's Intelligent Robotics Lab ran an exhibition stand at the event Manufacturing - at the heart of the nation held at the Manufacturing Technology Centre The Royal Academy of Engineering Soiree was held on the evening of 19th June followed by a public exhibition on 20th June.

HRH Duke of Kent, Sir John Parker (President of the Royal Academy of Engineering) and Dr Clive Hickman (Chief Executive of MTC) were shown a live demo featuring Boris (Birmingham's PaCMan robot) manipulating objects.

Around 220 visitors attended the exhibitions which included a member of the Royal Family, academics from universities and attendees from industry.

Professor Jeremy Wyatt said "This was an excellent opportunity to reach a wider audience and demonstrate recent research on advanced manipulation and dexterous grasping using machine learning techniques. The exhibition as a whole was a great opportunity for research being carried out in universities to be presented to key individuals in industry".

1 - 2 March 2014, 2nd ASU Rehabilitation Robotics Workshop, Arizona State University

Centro Piaggio Laboratories

Antonio Bicchi was a plenary speaker at the 2nd ASU Rehabilitation Robotics Workshop and Matteo Bianchi presented at the workshop. For more information

BBC2 Horizon: The £10 Million Challenge, 22 May 2014 Intelligent Robotics Lab

Boris, Birmingham's PaCMan robot appeared on BBC2's Horizon Programme: The £10 Million Challenge demonstrating some grasps. For more information about the programme

23 - 26 February 2014, Haptics Symposium, Houston, Texas Centro Piaggio Laboratories

Antonio Bicchi and Matteo Bianchi presented a talk: Sensing the human hand: simplicity and optimality criteria for wearable systems. This was run as part of a workshop on Wearable haptics: from neurophysiology foundations to new wearable haptic designs and exoskeletons.

5 December 2014, Andrea Bocelli Foundation Challenges Workshop, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Centro Piaggio Laboratories

Antonio Bicchi was an invited public speaker and presented "What do the eye and the hand tell us about the brain, and how this can be useful to people". For more information and an abstract

BBC World Service, In the Balance: Robots and Us Intelligent Robotics Lab

It's European Robotics week and Manuela Saragosa and her guests are talking about our mechanical friends. They're everywhere, from the factory floor to the home, and they're constantly evolving, thanks to humans. Professor Jeremy Wyatt of Birmingham University, Dr Kathleen Richardson of University College London, and Geoff Pegman of R. U. Robots discuss where technology for robots is leading us. What does it mean for the economy, and for our jobs?

Broadcast: Saturday 30 November 2013

Thursday 29th November 2013, University of Innsbruck, Intelligent and Interactive Systems Lab (IIS) Intelligent and Interactive Systems Lab

As part of Austrian Robotics Day, the Intelligent and Interactive Systems research group opened its lab to the general public where they showed some simple robot learning demos, replaying interactively-demonstrated grasps with pose estimation and screwing a nut onto a bold with impedance control. About 120 visitors attended the event with the majority being senior pupils from secondary schools.

For more information about the event:

Blog: Robots that learn from humans

PDF about Robotics Day (Both of these pages are in German)

Thursday 28th November 2013, Centro Piaggio Laboratories, Universita di Pisa, Pisa, Italy Centro Piaggio Laboratories

As part of the Marie Curie Conference in Florence, Marie Curie Actions: On the last lap to Horizon 2020 and EU Robotics Week, Centro Piaggio Laboratories ran an outreach event for the general public featuring presentations of the PaCMan project and ran robot demos. Pisa IIT Softhand

Saturday 23rd November 2013, Thinktank Museum, Birmingham, UK Intelligent Robotics Lab

EU Robotics Week - Meet the Robots! Make the Robots!

Thinktank event picture

University of Birmingham's Intelligent Robotics Lab took part in an outreach event as part of the Thinktank Museum's Teen Take Over Day.

Around 80 people which included families, children and teenagers were mentored to programme lego robots to do various tasks. The team also ran demo videos of the PaCMan robot manipulating and grasping objects.

Dr Kenny Webster, Information Learning Manager at Thinktank Museum said "Teen Takeover Day was an incredible opportunity for young people to control all aspects of museum life for the day. They chose the various activities including roboticists and producing a day tailored just for teenagers. It was one of the most successful event we have ever run".

For more information on Teen Takeover Day Blog: Teen Takeover Day 2013

3 - 8 November 2013, IROS 2013, Tokyo, Japan, Centro Piaggio Laboratories

Edoardo Farnioli presented Grasp analysis tools for synergistic under actuated robotic hands at IROS 2013. For more information

Sunday 27th October 2013, Science Fair, Genova, Italy Centro Piaggio Laboratories

Antonio Bicchi from Centro Piaggio provided a talk at the Science Fair in Genova "Simple is not easy" Human and Robotic Hands. For more information and the abstract, please see the attached pdf, Page 42, top left hand corner [pdf in Italian]

21-30 September 2013, Utopia Film Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel Centro Piaggio Laboratories

Antonio Bicchi was invited to make a public speech at the Utopia Film Festival in Tel Aviv last September. Form more information:!aboututopia/cjg9

3 July 2013, Research Jam Sessions in Pisa, Universita di Pisa, Italy Centro Piaggio Laboratories

Antonio Bicchi led a workshop on Natural Motion and Manipulation at the Research Jam Sessions in Pisa. For more information: