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Golem: Robot arm control and planning framework.

Golem is a complete package for robot arm planning and control. It contains drivers, a PRM path planner with optimisations, an incorporated rigid body simulator (NVIDIA PhysX), and easy to use interfaces for C++ and ICE (TinyGolem).

We ask that if you use this you cite Marek Kopicki PhD Thesis

Grasp: Robot manipulation learning framework.

Grasp is a robot manipulation learning framework. It makes available our products of experts grasp learning method. This enables learning of grasp types from a single shot, and on the fly generalisation of these to partial point clouds of novel objects. It also includes a demonstration of this running on a simulation of our Boris robot. It also includes GraspTiny, which is a C++ interface to the Grasp and Golem libraries.

We ask that if you use this you cite our IJRR paper and/or our ICRA 2014 paper.

CHOP: Software for object shape representation

CHOP is a graph theoretic extension of the LHOP (Learned Hierarchies of Parts) approach to object shape representation. It uses a compositional hierarchy and a hybrid generative-descriptive model. This version enables shape retrieval. The code includes the data set from our ECCV 2014 paper. We ask that if you use this code for your paper you cite this paper.

Real/Simulation packages for ROS/Gazebo for the Vito robot

The Vito package allows you to develop code on top of a hardware abstraction of the Vito robot, so that tests can be run in simulation. The switch between the simulation and the real robot is a simple flag. The packages rely on ROS and Gazebo. The package is an example of how to integrate out-of-the-box and custom software within the ROS/Gazebo ecosystem using the latest available planning and control frameworks. It is completely modular, so any person interested in a particular component can take the corresponding module and use it. The Kuka LWR packages are now included in ROS-industrial. The system also includes packages for the Pisa/IIT SoftHand packages, including simulation and grasp data generation.

Nuklei: software for kernel methods

Nuklei is a C++ library that implements kernel methods for SE(3) data. Nuklei provides kernel functions for SE(3) data, algorithms for kernel density estimation, and two-class nonlinear classification of SE(3) data via kernel logistic regression. Nuklei also provides tools for 3D object pose estimation, for manipulating SE(3) transformations, and for manipulating point clouds.

Nuklei on SoureForge