EU FP7-ICT, 600918, official details

PaCMan Leaflet

Year 1

Deliverable 1.1: Compositional Hierarchies of Object Categories Observed from Multiple Views

Mete Ozay, Vladislav Kramarev, Sebastian Zurek, U. Rusen Aktas, Maxime Adjigble, Mirela Popa, Carlos J. Rosales Galegos, Ales Leonardis, Jeremy Wyatt

Deliverable 4.1: Autonomous selection and execution of grasp pre-shaped primitives within the soft-synergy framework

Michela Antonelli, Marco Gabiccini

Deliverable 5.1: Grasping Objects Among Clutter

Mirela Popa, Justus Piater

Year 2

Deliverable 1.2: Learned 3D Visual Vocabularies of Visual Object Shape

Krzysztof Walas, Mete Ozay, Mirela Popa, U. Rusen Aktas, Vladislav Kramarev, Justus Piater, Ales Leonardis, Jeremy L. Wyatt

Deliverable 2.1: Multi-modal compositional hierarchies

Mirela Popa, Safoura Rezapour-Lakani, Alexander Rietzler, Justus Piater, Carlos Rosales, Marco Gabiccini

Deliverable 3.1: Control algorithms for haptic object exploration

C. Rosales, M. Bonilla, G. Santaera, E. Luberto, M. Gabiccini, Jeremy L. Wyatt

Deliverable 4.2: Methodologies for incipient grasp evaluation

H. Marino, M. Bonilla, C. Rosales, M. Kopicki, C. Zito, J.L. Wyatt, M. Gabiccini

Year 3

Certain articles for these deliverables are under confidential review and have temporarily been removed. They will be made publically available as soon as the review has been completed.

Deliverable 1.3: Bound compositional hierarchies modeling 2D and 3D visual shape of object categories

M. Popa, J. L. Wyatt, A. Leonardis, D. Tabernik, V. Kramarev, R. Aktas, D. Belter, J. Piater, M. Ozay

Deliverable 2.2: Forming parts by manipulation

Safoura Rezapour-Lakani, Justus Piater

Deliverable 3.2: Planning Active Information Gathering for Haptic and Vision

C. Zito, C. Rosales, F. Spinelli, M. Gabiccini, A. Rietzler, J. Piater, E. Arruda, J. L. Wyatt

Deliverable 4.3: Methodologies for grasp acquisition and planning

H. Marino, C.J. Rosales, M. Kopicki, G. Santaera, E. Luberto, Y. Wu, A. Artoni, G. Pannocchia, M. Gabiccini, C. Zito, D.Belter, A. Leonardis, A. Bicchi, and J.L. Wyatt